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Vision World was first inducted in 2005 in Hong Kong and steadily grew its footprint into Shenzhen, China and now most recently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  With over 12 years of proficiency in trading customized promotional items Vision World continues to offer unparalleled level of efficiency to its clients worldwide.

Promotional merchandise has proven to be the most powerful, effective and favorite of all brand marketing tools for several years. It has the highest advertising recall over television, print and online advertising.  Keeping this in mind we understand that a promotional product must:

  1. Elevate brand reach to deliver adequate exposure to its recipients.
  2. Produce high brand recall to generate recipient awareness of the brand.
  3. Enhance brand resonance to transfer a favorable attitude to recipients
  4. Stimulate reaction to influence change in recipient buying behavior
  5. Gain relativity against other advertising channels to satisfy recipients

Being based in Shenzhen, gives us an added leverage over all others.  We not only keep track of all the ongoing trending items, but communicate and maintain direct relationships with the factories producing the goods.

Over the years, we have produced a high multitude of customized promotional items.  Apparels, Backpacks, Writing Instruments, Desk Accessories, Drinkware, Notebooks, Magnets, Computer/Electronic Accessories, Sporting Goods and Automotive Tool Accessories which also make up the world’s top ten most effective promotional products.

Our passionate team based across the global offices recognizes that sourcing of the precise item, overlooking the production cycle and achieving a timely delivery to the client’s doorsteps is of ultimate significance and priority.

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing which promotional item will be valuable in your next campaign!


Will assist plan yourself better and have clear expectations!
  • Make sure you have considered the time frame whilst making the selection of a promotional item.  Actual time frame depends on the item chosen, quantity requested and of course the delivery period.
  1. ​On an average depending on your selected item the sample can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days and final production between 15 to 40 days
  2. Air shipment is always the quickest option, but an expensive one.  Time: 7 to 10 days
  3. Sea Shipment is the most reasonable option, however time consuming by a minimum of 1 month
  • Pay extra attention on packaging.  It’s worth paying the extra money to make sure the goods are protected and handled with care.
  • Chinese factories work only on Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), hence lower the price of an item the higher quantity needed to confirm the order and vice versa.

About Amit

Spent the last 18 years as a Hotelier and one day a light bulb moment is all it took to turn me into an Entrepreneur!

It all began in 1998 at Les Roches, Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland where I completed my Diploma in Hotel Management and subsequently also procured my Bachelors in Business Administration.  However, my most recent role as a Complex Director of Sales at a Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Dubai molded me into what I represent today - a strategic leader and a resourceful individual!

Opening my own business has moved me away from my comfort zone into a world of new opportunities and new friends.  In addition, working with my big brother Shann I get to learn everyday something new and appreciate his efforts in running the business since over 12 years.

I know now that us coming together will only yield multiple results, add value and take Vision World into the global arena.

Now on a lighter note, if you wish to talk about fitness or gym routines, travelling the world or if you simply wish to understand why your pet cat behaves the way it behaves… email me or call me, as I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Have a great day!



About Shann

Got my nick name Shann whilst in Hong Kong when several of my Chinese friends and colleagues found it very difficult to pronounce my first name… I knew then in 1998 the warm hospitality, the dynamic nature and resilient personalities is what makes Hong Kong extra special and I would soon call it home!

Born in Delhi and raised in Bombay, completed my Bachelors in Commerce and found myself for several years working for a media company – UTV.  Trying to find my niche I opened my own business of editing movies and advertisement short-film videos, but very soon one thing led to the next and I found myself flying to Hong Kong to join a promotional company as an Executive.

It didn’t take long and very soon it was evident that I am in love with the trading business module with its limitless boundaries and of course its promising results.  China at our doorsteps I learnt the art of gifting, the art of sourcing and art of making it all happen…Vision World was then created in 2005.

Solo driven for over 12 years I am now super excited to have my younger brother Amit to join in and bring in his wealth of strategic perspectives.

In a nutshell, after a hard day at work, family is what drives me. Of course, a passionate lover of an authentic Lamb Biryani, and all things Bollywood.

Speak soon!


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